The Earthling Sessions

by Caravels

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released January 1, 2009

Recorded fall 2008 at Earthling Studios in San Diego, CA.
Engineered by Mike Kamoo.



all rights reserved


Caravels Las Vegas, Nevada

Five friends from the city that made National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation a reality.

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Track Name: Dark Obsession
all around, pictures of craters
with crooked necks and teeth
hands glued to glass
sweaty palms gaping through windows
walk slow with cement for feet
straight cautious steps
paperweights taking up space
littering sidewalks and streets
still so empty

boy you wanted to see everything from above
and you can’t picture it any other way
now you’re fastened to the ground stuck looking up
and you can’t help but feel like you’ve been misplaced

your life’s not half bad
shouldn’t you be thankful for that
that it’s only half

time has passed but you’re still the same
pushing it aside waiting till it’s too late
forgetting faces, making this one count
turn for the worst, won’t turn it around

this life is finite, it’s days are numbered
was it something less than intended
you’ll figure it out along the way
this life is finite
Track Name: Snake Plissken
so fast that it all blurred
the days and nights with no end
lines and lights outstreching
i’m always stuck watching where you’ve been

one point to last
we’ll make due with what we have
we moved too fast
we’ll get lost without a map

taking turns taking turns
to forget where we’re from
every direction is something new
when you’d rather die young

tired of the same old bruises
of being content with content
and if it won’t come to us
then we’ll have to go to it
we have our youth and everything we need
never stop moving or get used to routine
we don’t need anything else
if we get lost, make maps ourselves

the most important things i owned i sold to you
i dug my hangs in pockets until there was nothing left
with all that you have
what’s keeping you here

our lives entwine, but i won’t contribute to your fear
Track Name: Flawless Victory
i can see how this will end
in a cloud of dust in a filthy war
i can see how this will end
where we’re still clinging
to whatever we can find

and all of this i’ve been through before
is a page that’s been torn
from that same old story
and we’re desperate
we’ll tear down the shelves to read a different ending

keep your head down, don’t let them see you
just rest here
keep your hopes high, it can’t be much longer now
can’t wake up
so we sat and waited for it to pass

i’ve been growing old
in these trenches
waiting for the white flag
to be waved
well i’ve been playing it right
right from the script
waiting for the same cue
to slow and just stop

all the lines of my face are filled with dust
and oh how i’ve learned to sleep so well in dirt
all the things i said i meant, but i wasn’t sure
all the words we never kept, but we had to say

it was never a secret
we never kept it quiet
we said what we said and we’ll say it again
this isn’t home

and all of this i’ve been through before
is a page that’s been torn
from that same old story
we’re desperate
and we’ll tear down the shelves to read a different ending

now i’m climbing up and getting out, i’m going home